Anchor Anasuya breaks phone of boy taking selfie, Tarnaka resident files complaint

A resident from Tarnaka filed a complaint against popular Telugu anchor Anasuya for breaking her son’s phone when the boy approached her to take a selfie with anchor.

With this incident, we observe that how popularity can lead to some unwanted incidents, as actors become popular and receive love and affection from unexpected sources. Now Anchor Anasuya has landed herself in controversy as she was not in a mood to take selfie and she broke the phone.

Anasuya anchor

Anasuya anchor

This incident took place in Tarnaka of Hyderabad on Monday when anchor Anasuya visited her mother’s place. The Tarnaka police confirmed the news that they received a complaint against the actress and he said that they are looking into the matter and are looking at the evidence. As per the reports, Anasuya refused to take a selfie and while she was hurriedly leaving in the car, the boy’s phone was broken in the processs.

A video has been trending in which Anasuya took the phone from boy’s hand and broke it into pieces as said by the Taranaka resident who filed complaint against anchor. She showed the condition of the phone to the cameras and is demanding compensation for breaking phone.

Anasuya rubbished the complainant’s claims and said that she did not break any phone and she said: “This is completely false. The lady is spreading lies. When I was coming out of my mum’s home, the lady, along with the boy, were taking my video and approached me for a selfie. I was not in the frame of mind to oblige, so I refused. However, when they came closer, I got annoyed. I covered my face, told them to get lost and hurriedly got into my car and drove off. I don’t remember any phone being broken,”.

Coming to the career front, Anasuya will be seen in Gayatri and Rangasthalam movies. She said that she generally obliges to fans’ request for a selfie and this was one of the rare times when she refused for a selfie from a fan.

She added that she was not in a mood to take a selfie with the boy and she requested to give her own space.

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