Barcelona van attack : 13 killed, 100 injured in Las Ramblas avenue

Barcelona van attack : Terror struck Barcelona on Thursday evening when a van plowed into crowd  at the Las Ramblas avenue killing at least 13 and injuring over hundred people.

The death toll in the Barcelona terror attack is expected to rise with some of the victims suffering from serious injuries.

As per reports, a white coloured Fiat van drove around at high speed in a zigzag manner to intentionally run down several pedestrians and cyclists in the busy Las Ramblas street.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was quick to term the Barcelona van attack in the heart of the city as ‘jihadi terrorism’ even as the ISIS claimed responsibility for the latest terror attack in Spain.

Even as this news is being written, there is another update coming in about a second possible attack in Spain. The news is that four suspected terrorists were shot dead by the police in the coastal town of Cambrils where the residents have been advised to stay back in their homes.

It is not yet clear whether the Barcelona van attack and the shootout at Cambrils are connected with each other.

Barcelona van attack

Barcelona van attack

According to reports on the Barcelona terror attack, the driver of the van had abandoned it on top of a Joan Míro mosaic and has gone into hiding after doing the damage.

The Spanish police had launched a massive manhunt following the Barcelona van attack and have so far arrested a Moroccan man and the other from Melilla, Spain’s North African enclave. Both of them have been confirmed not to be the driver of the van used in the latest Barcelona terror attack.

Reuters has reported that a few hours before the Spain van attack, a person died in an explosion inside a house in a town named Alcanar located 200kms southwest of Barcelona. The incident has been linked to the van attack in Barcelona with police saying that the residents of the house were preparing bombs.

Barcelona Van Attack Video

As per a report in The Guardian, a Belgian national and three Germans are also suspected to have died in the Barcelona van attack which took place at the Las Ramblas street which is very popular among tourists.

At least 18 nationalities were affected in the Spain terror attack which includes an Australian, three Greeks and three Dutch. Other nationalities include China, France, Venezuela, Peru, Algeria and Ireland.

India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that the casualties did not have any Indians; however she could not confirm if any Indian national was injured in the Las Ramblas van attack.

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