Bengaluru stabbing incident: Accenture techie Pranay Mishra lost life over Rs 500

Police have identified the accused persons of the Bengaluru stabbing incident who killed a software engineer,Pranay Mishra near Chocolate factory on Taverekere main road on early Monday morning.

The killers were identified as notorious rowdy sheeters Karthik and Arun. Police arrested Karthik and Arun is absconding.

The murder was initially suspected as a personal enmity but finally turned out to be a road rage case. The most shocking thing in this case is that the rowdy sheeters killed the techie for just Rs 500.

The accused in this case demanded Rs 500 from the techie after a small accident when his bike brushed into the rowdies bike.

Pranay Mishra, a techie of Accenture originally from Bhubaneshwar was on his way to his girl friend’s house when a small accident took place.

Pranay Mishra Accenture Bengaluru

Pranay Mishra Accenture Bengaluru stabbed to death (Image Courtesy: PranayMishra/Facebook)

A fight took place between Pranay Mishra and bike riders. They demanded Rs 500 to fix the broken mudguard. But the techie refused to pay them as it was not his fault and he went away from the accident place.

Karthik and Arun became angry and chased the software engineer, blocked his way. He fell down as he applied brakes suddenly. The accused then punched him on the face and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach and neck.

They fled the spot when Pranay was lying in the pool of blood. Residents found him lying on road and rushed him to the hospital.

CCTV footage recorded in a camera helped police to find out the accused in this case. They found the registration number of the bike that chased Pranay’s bike. The owner of that bike said that Karthik and Arun took his bike on Sunday night.

The police traced them at Huskur Gate. Police said that the rowdy sheeters fled after seeing them and they chased them towards Chitnamangala. They then drove on a muddy road till the dead-end.

Arun was driving the bike and fled with the bike while Karthik threw stones at the police when tried to arrest him and attacked SI Ravi with a dagger. The police then shot Karthik in the leg and arrested him. Inspector Manjunath also suffered minor injuries on his head.

Manjunath, Ravi and Karthik are being treated at the St John’s Hospital. Police are now in search of Arun.

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