Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 highlights : Sampu named Captain, Mumaith’s Hindi talk spoils spirit of the show

Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 aired on Monday night to show the first day of the inmates in the lavish home while burning star Sampoornesh Babu was made the Captain of the house by Bigg Boss.

There was no sight of the Bigg Boss Telugu host Jr NTR in episode 2 as all the focus was on the inmates.

Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 was a mixed bag; it looked interesting when each of the Bigg Boss Telugu contestants were asked to nominate two members whom they wanted to exit the Telugu reality show. Also, their confessions about their life’s biggest regret were also captivating with most of the Bigg Boss Telugu contestants shedding tears.

While singer Madhu Priya talked about how she wanted to commit suicide, Jyothi of Pellam Oorelithe fame spoke emotionally on how her life was destroyed after marriage and her role as a prostitute in the comedy movie.

Jr NTR in Bigg Boss Telugu

Jr NTR in Bigg Boss Telugu

Mumaith Khan looked to be dominating the Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 by being loud and talkative. What was a major disappointment about Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 was the fact that Mumaith Khan was talking a lot in Hindi and English much against the spirit of the Telugu reality show. Add to that, some of the inmates talking with her in anything but Telugu as if they forgot their mother tongue or are unaware that it is a Telugu TV show after all!

Strangely, some of Mumaith Khan’s conversations had sub-titles in Telugu while some of them did not, leaving a huge mark of inconsistency from the show makers.

Sampoornesh Babu who has made us laugh through his movies like Hrudaya Kaleyam and Singham 123 was not the same person as he is on the big screen. Rather, he did not make any efforts to make the audience laugh, not a single joke and was more of a serious and humble individual.

Comedian Dhanraj tried to evoke laughter but in vain.

Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 showed some of the contestants smoking which included Mumaith Khan. Bigg Boss voiced his warning to the Captain Sampoornesh Babu that as per the house rules, not more than one person is allowed to smoke at a time in the allotted smoking zone.

It seemed that all the daggers from the Bigg Boss Telugu episode 2 were on Tollywood actress Jyothi as most of the members confessed to see her out of the show, especially claiming that she sounded so fake. Mahesh Katti, Telangana anchor Katti Karthikeya, Madhu Priya, Hari Teja of Aa aa fame and singer Kalpana Raghavendar were among the unpopular inmates as per the confessions.

We will have to see how Bigg Boss Telugu episode 3 is going to turn up as it airs on Tuesday at 9:30PM with a runtime of an hour.

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