Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 68 : Finalists get makeover, evicted contestants visit house

Bigg Boss telugu day 68 starts with the finish of the five finalists makeover. They thinks that Archana makeover is perfect.

On that night, Archana again complains about Diksha Panth and her comments which she said while she was eliminated. Next day morning, Archana says that she dreamt of some contestants like Shiva Balaji, Prince Cecil, Sameer etc even before she got the offer for Bigg Boss.

Jr NTR in Bigg Boss Telugu

Jr NTR in Bigg Boss Telugu

When Bigg Boss asked Archana to set her mike, Navdeep asks the relation between Archana and Bigg Boss. He tells Big Boss to send Archana to confession room and put few lizards etc so that she will realize and suggests Bigg Boss to put lizard wall paper on TV screen and lizard sounds from speakers.

All the contestants tease Archana by singing songs also to get over fear of lizards.

Hari Teja and Shiva Balaji discuss about the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. She tells Shiva Balaji that she is cool and not worried about the winner and she feels that Shiva Balaji has better positive chance as he was not nominated for the last few weeks.

Archana said to Hari Teja that all other finalists wanted her to be in the house to put jokes on her and not with love. In the mean time after buzzer rings, they tell the four table backwards. The Big Boss then announces that the Bigg Bomb time is completed.

The final task comes for them to take a Oppo Selfie Camera to take selfie with oppo properties like mug, pillow, camera, doll etc and finally together.

Shiva Balaji takes selfie with Oppo Camera. Aadarsh takes slefie with Oppo mug. Navdeep takes selfie with Oppo phone banner, HariTeja with doll and finally Archana with sofa pillow. All the selfie photos are displayed later in living room TV.

Shiva Balaji prepares Sweet Dosa Ice Cream which he made using Sweet dosa batter, he put sliced and fried bananas and put ice cream on it. Navdeep eats it and shares it with Aadarsh and comments it as the best dessert of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 1.

Except Archana, all four relax on lawn, when Deeksha Panth enters the house. Archana who was sleeping in the room feels shocked to see her again in the house. All begin to be in their character given by Deeksha. All tease Deeksha by saying four multiplications again.

Navdeep and Hari Teja try to go inside to give privacy to Deeksha and Archana when Archana walks and says she had some work inside.

All the six members chit chat for some time about the Deeksha’s comments. Deekha goes inside to see the house and her bed. She folds the quilt.

They said that they wash their own clothes. Archana said that she did shopping for 70 days as she did not like to wash clothes.

Kathi Karthika enters the house and gets shocked to see Deekha. She said that there is a cut out for Shiva Balaji and Archana.

Karhtika spoke about the family reunion episode. She said that her son asked that is she was in the house, he would enter the house from store room.

After that comes the triple dhamaka with the entry of Kaththi Mahesh, Jyothi and Madhu Priya comes in.

All the ladies enter the house to have a look inside except Archana. All the men sit in the lawn. Mahesh said that everyone are talking in Bigg Boss language and how it became so popular.

Karthika assures Aadarsh that he rocks and everyone like him as he is displaying original nature. Madhu Priya said that she felt bad after going out of the house.

The episode ends with the conversation between Madhu Priya and Hari Teja about how it is projecting outside. The promo of episode 69 shows all dancing for songs in lawn and in living room.

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