BJP MP Varun Gandhi wants India to provide asylum for Rohingya Muslims

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Varun Gandhi went against his party’s line by endorsing the view that Rohingya Muslims should be accepted by India as refugees.

The Sultanpur MP, also the grandson of former PM Indira Gandhi, said that the Rohingya Muslims should be allowed to stay in India after passing through security checks.

Varun Gandhi evoked a strong reaction from his party colleague and Union Minister of Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir. The Chandrapur MP Ahir said that people with national interest in mind should not utter such statements.

Varun Gandhi had expressed his opinion on the Rohingya Muslims in Navbharat Times, a Hindi publication.

Varun Gandhi photo

Varun Gandhi. Photo courtesy of Varun Gandhi.

After Hansraj Ahir’s reaction, Varun Gandhi tweeted: “My recent piece focused primarily on defining India’s asylum policy, with clear demarcations on how we would accept refugees.

“As for the Rohingyas, I’ve called for empathy, leading potentially to asylum, while vetting each applicant for national security concerns.”

Varun Gandhi’s stand on the Rohingyas was completely out of sync with his party and the Central government which has termed them as “illegal” immigrants and has been looking to deport them out of the country.

The Indian government has also stated that some of the Rohingyas have links with terror organizations in Pakistan, and therefore pose a serious security threat to India.

During its national executive meeting on Monday, the BJP took up a resolution which backs the government’s position on the Rohingya issue. The party said that the government by giving humanitarian relief for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh has fulfilled its responsibilities. At the same time, it has made sure that the internal security of India was not compromised for its citizens, stated the BJP.

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