Chennai girl jumps from 7th floor – Police suspect Blue Whale Challenge

A college going student jumped from the seventh floor of an apartment complex in Virugambakkam on Monday evening and the police suspect it as a part of Blue Whale Challenge game.

The girl identified as J Niveditha aged 24 years miraculously survived in this incident after she fell on a parked car there. She was admitted in a private hospital and is undergoing treatment for the ruptured backbone.

The rumours are making rounds in the apartment that the woman was a victim of the deadly game – Blue Whale Challenge. The police checked out the victim’s phone and other gadgets. They also enquired her family and they ruled out the possibility.



Police said that they would wait until the woman recovers from her injuries and will question her about taking this step.

Niveditha is in her MCA second year and studying at a private college. She lives with her family in the Jains West Minster apartment complex in the seventh floor on Arunachalam road in Virugambakkam.

Niveditha opened the grill gate in the balcony of her apartment and jumped from the seventh floor on Monday night. On hearing the loud noise, security guards and residents rushed to the parking area and shifted her immediately to a private hospital. She suffered multiple fractures on her backbone.

It was revealed that she was suffering from depression for quite some time and the parents are not aware of any reasons.

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