Chidambaram : Whenever government has a bad day, it does a surgical strike

Former Union Home Minister and Finance Minister P Chidambaram lashed out at the NDA government on Wednesday saying that whenever they had a bad day at the office, they come up with a surgical strike somewhere.

P Chidambaram in his new role as senior Congress spokesperson tried to undermine the centre’s claims of causing heavy casualties on a Naga insurgents along the India-Myanmar border. The Congress leader said that similar operations had been carried out in the past, and there was nothing new in it.

Chidambaram said that paramilitary forces engage with rebel groups regularly at the border and that it had happened when he was home minister and before that as well.

P Chidambaram photo

P Chidambaram. Photo courtesy of P Chidambaram.

The former Union Minister stated: “If you ask (former home minister L K) Advani ji, he will tell you the same thing. If we ask Sushil Kumar Shinde Ji, he will tell you the same thing. But in this government, whenever they face a bad day, they have to do a surgical strike somewhere.”

Chidambaram took a dig at the Modi government, saying that everything in the country is being projected as a surgical strike. He added that insurgents hide near the India-Myanmar border because of the dense forests and that it is a normal affair for security agencies to carry out operations there.

The senior Congress leader further said that although the government has denied the operations as a surgical strike, the media has gone on to report it as one. He also said that the casualties on the terror group NSCN (K) were a result of retaliatory fire from the army and not a surgical strike.

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