China earthquake 2017 news : 7.0 magnitude earthquake leaves 19 dead, 250 injured in Sichuan

China earthquake 2017 : A deadly quake of 7.0 measured on the Richter scale shook the Sichuan province in China on late Tuesday leaving at least 19 people dead and injuring close to 250 people.

Thousands of people were saved by authorities as the earthquake ripped through a remote and mountainous part in the southwestern Chinese province, reported the Reuters.

The China earthquake 2017 hit a thinly populated region located about 200km from Guangyuan city at a depth of 10km as per the US Geological Survey. The fact that the quake occurred close to the tourist destination – Jiuzhaigou nature reserve meant that at least eight tourists were dead in the Sichuan earthquake 2017 while a number of others were trapped under the debris.

China earthquake 2017 news from Sichuan province

China earthquake 2017 news from Sichuan province

According to the latest reports on the China earthquake 2017, military is undertaking the rescue efforts while electricity and phone services have been cut following the massive Sichuan earthquake.

Scores of tourists have been left stranded at the airport in the region which witnessed mayhem in 2008 when a disastrous earthquake took the lives of 70,000 people.

As per the Sichuan government, 45,000 tourists were safely evacuated from the quake region leaving just thousand more to be rescued.

On Wednesday, an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude jolted Xinjiang, a remote part of the northwestern region in China leaving over 30 injured with no deaths reported yet as per the latest China earthquake 2017 news.

China Earthquake 2017 Video

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