Class nine girl writes Sorry Mom; ends life in Hyderabad after insult in school

In a shocking incident in Malkajgiri of Hyderabad, a class IX student committed suicide by hanging herself at her home on Thursday evening after she was made to stand outside the classroom for not paying the school fees.

The deceased girl was identified as K Sai Deepthi and she told her sister that she was made to stand outside the classroom because her school fees was pending and she was ill treated at school.


Girl (Representative Image)

As her school fees was pending, Sai Deepthi was not allowed to write the exam and for this she committed suicide at her home in Malkajgiri.

Sai Deepthi wrote a suicide note in which she said that she was not allowed to write exam. Sai Deepthi suicide note read: “They didn’t allow me to write the exam. Sorry, Mom.”

Sai Deepthi was studying class 9 in Jyothi High School and after returning home she said to her sister about the ill treatment to her in school.

Sai Deepthi’s elder sister reported: “She told me that the teachers insulted her in front of other students for not paying fees. She looked very low and depressed with the treatment at school”.

Police registered a case of abetment to suicide against the school management and initiated the investigation.

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