Class V student commits suicide for harsh punishment in Gorakhpur

A class V student committed suicide by consuming poison after being punished by school teacher in Gorakhpur of Uttar Pradesh.

A suicide note was recovered from his school bag in which he requested his school teacher to not to punish students severely. The suicide note reads that he decided to end his life as the teacher punished him severely.

The student identified as Navneet Prakash aged 11 years was a student of St Anthony’s Convent School and was punished in his school on September 15 and he died on Wednesday at the BRD Medical College.

He was upset for being punished by the teacher and consumed poison to end his life. His father blames the school authorities for this tragedy.

School bag

School bag

Navneet suicide note reads: “Papa, Today is my first exam and my class teacher kept me crying till 9:15 am. I was kept standing for three periods. She only listens to her sycophants. I am going to end my life today. Please ask my ma’am not to give such a severe punishment to anyone”.

Navneet’s last wish in his suicide note read: “Please ask my teacher to not punish anyone so severely”.

Vinay Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police said that an FIR has been registered at the Shapur Police Station under the IPC Section 306 for abetment to suicide.

The teacher of that school who punished Navneet was identified as Bhavna. She was arrested by the police and the matter is being investigated.

Navneet’s parents recovered a suicide note along with a glass rapped in a polythene from which a foul smell was coming out from his school bag.

He might have consumed poison as foam was coming out from his mouth when he was being rushed to hospital after he committed suicide.

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