Eight killed, 60 injured in Senegal football stadium tragedy

Senegal football stadium tragedy : A football league cup final on Saturday in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal turned out to be a disastrous tragedy leaving eight dead as a wall collapsed onto fans who were fighting against each other.

The subsequent stampede triggered by the wall collapse at the Stade Demba-Diop saw at least 60 injured while a young girl was also among the deceased according to Senegal Sports minister Matar Ba. Injured fans were rushed to nearby hospitals in Dakar for treatment.

Talking to AFP about the Senegal football stadium tragedy, the Minister promised to bring in strong measures to ensure that such incident will never happen again in the country.

Senegal football stadium tragedy

Senegal football stadium tragedy

Authorities had deployed a number of firefighters and ambulances at the Stade Demba-Diop which were on duty till late night.

According to an AFP reporter who was at the venue for the US Ouakam vs Stade de Mbour football match, it was a packed house at the Stade Demba-Diop to witness the final.

The Senegal football stadium tragedy was triggered by the US Ouakam supporters who started to pelt stones at Stade de Mbour fans with the score at 2-1 during a tense extra time. This was when spectators panicked to start leaving their seats in a hurry.

It was all haphazard at the location as part of a wall that was supporting bleachers from two sides collapsed while the police were trying to control the violent supporters by firing tear gas leading to the Senegal football stadium tragedy.

Senegal Football Stadium Tragedy Video

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