English Premier League sells most of British TV rights for USD 6 billion

The English Premier League has sold most of the British TV rights for whopping USD 6 billion to broadcast live matches in Britain.

Of all the Premier League soccer matches, Sky has four packages of games and BT has only one in the 2019-22 rights cycle and out of the 200 matches, 40 matches are still left for sale for other broadcasters.

Sports Stadium Representational Image

Sports Stadium Representational Image

Sky and BT are paying USD 7 billion in the 2016-19 cycle as they got rights to show 168 matches out of total 380 annual matches between them. And at this time 200 matches were available and so the premier league has raised USD 6.2 billion for next three years.

Sky has bought 128 games and BT has 32 matches on Saturday lunchtimes. The unsold games are two new packages which will allow a broadcaster to telecast every game of four match nights.

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