G20 Summit protests in Hamburg turn violent as protestors go on rampage

The G20 Summit protests in Hamburg turned violent as protesters lit bonfires on several roads before going on a rampage to loot stores and set cars on fire on Friday night.

Reports are that the protestors had used piled up pavement blocks as projectiles to target the police. About 200 police officers were injured during the fresh G20 Summit protests in Hamburg.

Initially the security personnel held back while the G20 Summit protesters employed a hit-and-run strategy.

Groups of the protestors were found to be running up the street, hurling bottles and rocks, and immediately disappearing from the scene.

Tensions intensified on the streets of Hamburg when German police just prior to midnight tried to disperse the G20 Summit protestors by using teargas, water cannons and even trying out the stun grenades.

G20 Summit protests in Hamburg

G20 Summit protests in Hamburg

Protesters threw looted champagne bottles into the fire which resulted in explosive sounds. Local residents tried to prevent the protestors from looting one of the shops through its windows.

G20 Summit Protests in Hamburg

It was a far more aggressive situation as far as the G20 Summit protests were concerned on Friday. Earlier, the German police were making moves to stop smaller groups of protestors made up mostly of anti-capitalists who were trying to disrupt the G20 Summit which featured world leaders like the US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The G20 Summit is the meeting of leaders from a group of twenty countries to discuss about aspects like global economic growth, international trade and financial market regulation. Those who have been protesting against the G20 Summit allege that the closed-door meeting had nothing to do with the interests of the common man but only for business interests while leaving out major environmental issues that were plaguing the planet.

The G20 Summit protestors who had come from different parts of the world also allege that the twenty countries were responsible for about 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and yet were not addressing the problem in the forum.

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