Gauhar Khan speaks up on violence against women

Actress Gauhar Khan, recently seen in the Bollywood movie 2017 Begum Jaan, believes that violence against women will continue unless and until the central government and the judiciary formulate stricter laws.

“If the government and the law do not make stricter rules for the kind of crimes that are happening against women, we can keep talking… but it’s going to continue if we don’t make stricter rules”, Gauhar Khan was quoted as saying in a report by IANS.

The Begum Jaan movie actress was responding when asked about her views on the position of women in India. ‘Begum Jaan’ the film is an adaptation of Bengali film ‘Rajkahini’. Directed by SrijitMukherji, the movie released on April 14, and has led to a debate on discrimination against women.

Gauhar Khan added in the report that while women are more vocal now, it is the scenario as well as the mindset of a section of people that need to change.

Gauahar Khan photo

Gauahar Khan as Rubina in Begum Jaan. Photo courtesy of Gauahar Khan.

In the IANS report, Gauhar Khan was asked for her opinion on fashion. She responded that fashion for her is subjective and style is personal. Speaking about the importance of comfort, Gauhar Khan said: “I will not wear something just because it’s trending or looks good on someone else” — be it even casuals like jeans and T-shirts. You could be the best fashion designer in the world but if it does not suit my body type and I’m not convinced about how it looks on me, I will not wear it.”

The actress was happy with the response to her role in the film. “The last four days have been fantastic. After Rubina became a dream come true, now every second, every single minute, I have to refresh my mobile message inbox. People who had not spoken to me for ages are now reaching out to me and telling me how moved they are by my performance. I feel I am lucky,” Gauhar Khan was quoted as saying in an India TV report.

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