Google apologises for top ads showing alongside offensive YouTube videos

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Google has issued an apology after advertisements from several big companies appeared on its massively popular video site YouTube along with offensive videos.

The apology came from the internet giant’s European head Matt Brittin who said that Google must take take responsibility while saying sorry to anybody that has been affected by the same.

Various British advertisers withdrew theirs ads from Google and YouTube as their ads allegedly appeared next to the video site’s hate speech and extremist videos.

Google has taken a considerable hit as a result to its advertising revenue with the likes of BBC, HSBC, McDonald’s, Marks & Sopencer, Audi, L’Oreal, The Guardian among several others suspended their advertising campaigns following the controversy.

Google's YouTube

Google’s YouTube

Google’s YouTube gives opportunities for millions of posters to upload videos and collect steady revenue based on the views they generate.

It has become a trend of sorts in the recent years to upload prank videos, overly hyped videos with misleading titles along with hate-filled videos. While these types of videos do attract the average visitor looking to kill time, the advertisers seemed to be concerned about their brand image, which indirectly gets affected by the indirect association with inappropriate videos.

Google has a tough task ahead to take a call on whether to remove such offensive videos or give up considerable ad revenue from the leading firms. Either way, its YouTube site is most likely going to take a hit, whether it is in the form of revenue or traffic.

YouTube enjoys being the second largest search engine in the world after its parent Google owing to the enormous amounts of video inventory it contains.

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