Hyderabad breaking news : Man goes missing after falling into nala

Hyderabad breaking news : A man of around 40 years age was washed away in a Hyderabad nala in Jeedimetla on Saturday after he accidently slipped into the water in a drunken state.

Locals near the Madhusudhan Reddy Nagar nala who had seen the man fall, desperately tried to rescue him with the help of a cable but in vain.

Jeedimetla police say that they were informed by residents near the open nala that the man was sitting on a bridge built across it and at about 4:30PM slipped into it in a drunken condition.

People tried to rescue him by throwing a cable which the man did hold on to but eventually he lost his grip to get carried away by the water. Police rushed to the spot with a JCB machine to rescue the man but were not successful in their attempts as per Hyderabad breaking news reports.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net

The cops were joined by GHMC, Revenue and other departments who had cleared the thrash from the downstream of the nala in a hope to find the missing person, but in vain.

Heavy rains over the last 20 days or so have increased the water levels of the nalas in Hyderabad.

Not so long ago, an auto driver slipped into a nala in the Old City and was drowned to death. Last month, a person riding a two wheeler was swept away by gushing water when he accidentally fell into a nala as per the recent Hyderabad news updates.

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