India-born three year old girl goes missing in Dallas after father punishes her

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A three year old girl went missing in suburban Dallas after her father punished her to get out of the house as she did not drink milk.

Wesley Mathews aged 37 years has been arrested for child endangerment as his daughter Sherin went missing after she was given punishment. He was taken into custody on Saturday after he reported this incident to police officials. He was later released on bond.

He told police that he checked for her after 15 minutes but she was gone. Sherin did not drink her milk and he told her to stand outside by herself at night near an alley behind their home.

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He reported a police complain after five hours of her missing. He searched for her in the coyotes in the alley near where he asked her to stand.

Sherin was an India-born girl adopted by Mathew’s family. Sherin suffered from malnourishment before she came to US and is on a special diet.

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