IndiGo passengers escape with minor injuries in jet blast incident in Delhi

Passengers on board an IndiGo bus to get into their flight for Mumbai had a narrow escape with minor injuries after a jet blast reportedly coming from a SpiceJet plane broke the window of the coach.

Five passengers sustained injuries and were rushed to the airport clinic for treatment. The jet blast incident near the IndiGo bus is being investigated by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the central government’s regulatory body for civil aviation.

The SpiceJet plane in question was heading towards a parking bay having arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

IndiGo bus photo

IndiGo bus

As per an IndiGo spokesperson, the right front window of the bus was shattered due to the shock created by the jet blast. Passengers in the bus were to board the IndiGo 6E 191 flight which was to take off from Delhi to reach Mumbai.

The spokesperson has been reported to have identified the plane as Spicejet SG 253 which was arriving towards an allocated bay. According to the IndiGo personnel, the jet blast from the Spicejet plane was strong enough to break the right front window glass of the IndiGo bus.

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