Jayalalitha death investigation : Vellamandi Natarajan to reveal truth on late CM

Jayalalitha death investigation : Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister Vellamandi Natarajan sparked controversy by revealing that he could not see Jayalalithaa when the late TN CM was hospitalized last year.

Vellamandi Natarajan said that he was ready to tell the same to the one-man inquiry commission on investigating Jayalalitha death mystery.

The minister told reporters in Pudukottai that he was allowed up to only the second floor of the Apollo Hospital and beyond which nobody was allowed.

Vellamandi Natarajan said not only him but all the other ministers would readily depose before justice A Arumugasamy, a retired Madras High Court judge who has been named as the one-man commission of inquiry on Jayalalitha death reason.

Jayalalitha Dead Body photo

Jayalalitha dead body wrapped in tri-colour

Last month, the ruling AIADMK government appointed the commission on Jayalalitha death investigation as many questions remain unanswered relating to the sudden hospitalization of the late CM on 22 September 2016 and her subsequent death on 5 December.

Recently, some AIADMK leaders including cabinet ministers have been making contradicting statements over seeing Jayalalithaa during her stay at Apollo.

Tamil Nadu Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan was the first to open up on the Jayalalitha death controversy by saying that he was not allowed to see the then CM in the hospital. That claim of Dindigul Srinivasan was reinforced by some other ministers while some of them contradicted him to say that they did meet the hospitalized Jayalalitha.

The shocking death of Jayalithaa left Tamil Nadu paralyzed for some days and just when her close aide Sasikala Natarajan was readying herself to become the next CM, her fate was sealed by a court judgment relating to the inappropriate assets case.

Sasikala Natarajan has been regarded as the prime suspect in the sudden demise of the popular CM Jayalalitha. The people of Tamil Nadu are now waiting anxiously over the outcome of the ongoing Jayalalitha death investigation which hopefully will solve the mysterious end to the AIADMK supremo’s life.

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