Kannada junior artist Padmavati dies suspiciously at shooting spot in Bengaluru

Kannada junior artist Padmavati aged 44 was found dead under mysterious circumstances at a building which was under construction when a shooting for Kannada film was taking place in North Bengaluru on Monday.

The shooting of the remake of Dhanush’s ‘VIP’ was taking place at a construction place in Avalahalli near Yelahanka. The film is directed by Nandakishore which stars Manoranjan.

Manoranjan is the son of V Ravichandran who is also an actor.

120 artists were taking part in the film shooting and Padmavati was one of them.

Murder representative image.

Murder representative image. Photo Courtesy: Suriya Kankliang/Freedigitalphotos.net

The film unit was shooting a dance sequence and at the end of the day after packing up the shoot noticed about Padmavati’s missing after counting the members.

When they searched for her, they found her dead in another building which was under construction on the ground floor at around 7:30 pm.

Padmavati’s dead body was immediately taken to Yelahanka government hospital to perform post mortem.

Padmavati’s friend informed that she has not seen her since 3 pm in the afternoon. This has given rise to suspicion on Padmavati’s death.

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