Lakshmi Manchu to take part in Global Entrepreneurship Summit Panel discussion

Tollywood actor and filmmaker Lakshmi Manchu has been invited for Global Entrepreneurship Summit Panel discussion which is organized on the sidelines of GEs at HICC in Hyderabad on November 28.

Ivanka Trump will be present at the event. Lakshmi Manchu was very happy for getting invitation to GEs as it is a prestigious opportunity. She expressed her happiness and said: “I’m happy to speak for the women of this nation. There are many categories in the event.

Surprisingly, the one I’ve been invited to is not related to films or women in cinema. It’s on women’s empowerment’, about the journey of women entrepreneurs, the struggles they face in trying to create a niche for themselves and finding that work-life balance.

Lakshmi Manchu

Lakshmi Manchu (image Courtesy: Lakshmi Manchu/Twitter)

I will be speaking on my own personal experiences and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way. But more than contributing anything to the discussion, I think I’d learn a lot from it”.

Lakshmi Manchu on Ivanka Trump’s visit to India she said that she welcomes her and hope Ivanka gets a great time here. She ended saying: “You know that I have strong political opinions, don’t you? By the way, I’m a Democrat!”.

Other Celebrity entrepreneurs who will be attending the event are Nara Brahmani, Upasana etc.

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