Massive fire breaks out at Camden Lock Market in London

Massive fire broke out at London’s Camden Lock Market building and 70 firefighters worked hard to douse the flames from the building.

10 fire engines were sent to the accident area near a night club by the emergency service which covered the market area. No casualties were reported.

The London Fire Brigade said that the first, second and third floors along with the roof of the building within the market were alighted.

The London Fire Brigade 999 Control Officers received numerous calls from the people who saw highly visible fire and people were asked to avoid the area.

London's Camden Market

London’s Camden Market (Image Courtesy: News Video Online (News)/Ventuno)

Images showed tall flames and burnt out building at the north London market in the social media. London’s Camden Lock Market is a popular place among tourists and Londoners.

An eye witness said that the fire was moving very fast and flying to the surrounding areas. People were watching the fire blaze and were frightened that the building may explode at any time as there were restaurants with kitchen nearby.

A London Ambulance Service came to know about the fire accident at 00:07 am on Sunday. A clinical team leader and Hazardous Area Response Team were sent to the scene and they remained at the scene. They have not treated any patients yet.

Earlier last month, at least 80 people were killed and over 70 injured when the Grenfell Tower was engulfed with fire.

The Metropolitan Police have identified 21 victims formally and the exact death toll is not known.

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