Nagpur Vena Dam tragedy: 1 dead, seven missing, rescue operation continues

In Nagpur Vena Dam tragedy, 1 dead and seven youth went missing as the boat in which they were riding was capsized.

11 youth came for a joy ride on Sunday evening when the tragic took place in the Vena Dam which is situated around 25 kilometers from Nagpur.

Only one body has been recovered so far and seven people are yet to be recovered by the rescue team. Two teams are carrying out the rescue operations. The team rescued three persons and is searching for others.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

The youth took a fishing boat which drowned in the middle of the dam. The boys even took selfie videos and posted them on their facebook accounts before the incident took place. They were seen enjoying in the fishing boat as they are taking photos.

As seen from their facebook photos, they are seen without any safety jackets.

The seven persons might have feared dead in the Vena Dam tragedy on Amravati road and rescue operations are underway to find seven youngsters.

The fishing boat was boarded with 11 people between the age group of 20-25. The Vena Dam tragedy occurred between 6-6:30 pm in the evening. One body was recovered which fished out in the night, two boatman and a college student were rescued.

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