NIA launches probe in Kerala love jihad case on Supreme Court order

The National Investigative Agency (NIA) has launched a probe in the Kerala love jihad case on Friday following an order from Supreme Court to investigate whether there was a conspiracy in luring Hindu women into love and converting them forcefully into Islam.

Love Jihad which happened to be a word coined by the Hindu right-wingers was reported widely in Kerala for the last few years but during the UPA government, it was dismissed as a mere propaganda of the Sangh Parivar to defame Muslims.

TV channels which were shy of reporting on Love Jihad are now running debates almost every day on the controversial subject. The alleged conspiracy has picked up momentum owing to the courts.

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According to The Indian Express, the case that the NIA will be looking into is related to the annulment of marriage between a 27-year-old Muslim man named Shafin Jahan and a Hindu woman Akhila who was converted into Islam and renamed as Hadiya.

The Kerala High Court described the marriage as a case of love jihad. In December 2016, Shafin Jahan married Akhila. Two days after the marriage, the girl’s parents filed a case that their daughter was detained unlawfully by Shafin Jahan and had alleged forceful conversion to Islam.

Eventually, the Kerala High Court annulled the marriage which was challenged by the Muslim man in late May leading to the Supreme Court intervention.

The NIA told the apex court that love jihad does exist and some of the victims were allegedly packed off to Syria to join the ISIS terrorists.

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