Pakistani actress Saba Qamar comments on Bollywood superstars will shock you

Bollywood latest news 2017 : Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, who is slated to make her Bollywood debut opposite the versatile Irrfan Khan in the Hindi Medium movie, has found herself in the midst of an unwanted controversy.

A throwback video of Saba Qamar taking pot-shots at popular Bollywood actors has gone viral on the internet. According to reports in the video, which has an excerpt from a popular Pakistani talk show, the host shows the actress pictures of some of Bollywood’s top stars, and asks her to respond to the same.

Saba Qamar comments on Bollywood stars in the video are shocking to say the least. The actress refers to Bollywood’s Sultan, Salman Khan as a ‘Chhichhora’ (a cheap person in Hindi). She goes on to mock his dancing skills as well, claiming that Salman Khan never follows instructions from choreographers.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar photo

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar goes on to say that she would never do a movie with Emraan Hashmi, as she wouldn’t want to be diagnosed with oral cancer. This is reference to his Serial-kisser tag. Emraan Hashmi for that matter is extremely popular in Pakistan.

The Pakistani actress did not stop there. Mocking Riteish Deshmukh, Saba Qamar adds that she would never work with him since she’s an ‘A-list’ actress in Pakistan. Being so, she would want to star opposite an A-list actor, if she were to debut in Bollywood.

Saba Qamar did not spare even Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. She says she wouldn’t want to be involved with a ‘father of two sons’. Also, Hrithik Roshan is someone who isn’t her type.

This is not the first time a Pakistani actress has found herself in controversy owing to an old video getting viral. Just days before the release of Raees, Mahira Khan, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan with the film, a throwback video of her, insulting India and its actors went viral on social media platforms.

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