Southern California gunfire : Two dead including gunman in shooting at workplace

As per the police reports, a man who worked previously, entered the Southern California law firm and fired two men before he turned the gun on himself on Friday.

Police came to the shooting spot and found the bodies of the gunman and another victim. Another person who was shot has driven himself to the hospital as said by Long Beach police Sgt. Brad Johnson.

The other man who was injured in the shooting is in stable condition. Police did not shot anyone and the SWAT team searched the building and did not find any victims.

handgun generic image

A man loading his handgun. Photo courtesy of Pong/

Police could not determine the motive for gunfire by the gunman but came to a conclusion that he was not an active shooter who targets as many people as possible. They think it as workplace violence.

The video of Southern California shooting showed the people running from a two-storey office building and could hear loud shouting when the shooting was taking place inside the building.

The building was located in the neighborhood in Long Beach with three law firms in the building, but the police did not reveal the details of the office where the gunfire took place. The shooting place is about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles in Long Beach with a population of around 460,000.

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