T-Wallet app launch news : Telangana mobile payment app to be free to use

T-Wallet app launch news : The Telangana Government is mulling to make its proposed Telangana mobile payment app T-Wallet app to be a free-to-use payment mobile app for people of the state.

Although the T-Wallet app launch date has not been announced yet, the government seems to be accelerating towards the mobile payment app release.

The T-Wallet mobile app which is expected to be rolled out in the coming days will benefit in making all transactions from people to government and vice-versa cashless.

It comes days after Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu announced the launch of AP Purse app to enable cashless transactions in the adjacent state.

CBN’s counterpart in Telangana, CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has been reported to ensure that all the transactions made through the T-Wallet app would be free of any additional charges.

KTR T-Wallet mobile app launch

KTR chairing a cabinet sub-committee meeting on T-Wallet app launch and on promoting digital financial transactions in Telangana.

This Telangana mobile payment app T-Wallet app news was revealed by none other than KCR’s son K Taraka Rama Rao, the Minister for IT, Industries and Municipal Administration, during a cabinet sub-committee meeting focused on cashless transactions across Telangana.

KTR said that the Telangana mobile payment app T-Wallet app would not be a mere app that would keep all other payment apps at one place, rather it would be a full-fledged mobile payment platform of the government for its citizens.

The T-Wallet app would be available for not only smartphones but also for computer, laptop, feature phone users and also those who do not have phones, said KTR.

Ministers Etela Rajender, G Jagadish Reddy, P Mahender Reddy and Jupally Krishna Rao were among those who attended the meeting on promoting digital transactions in Telangana besides discussion on the T-Wallet app.

Although AP CM N Chandrababu had already released a payment mobile app dubbed AP Purse on December 6, KT Rama Rao claimed that his father KCR was the first CM in the country to take a comprehensive approach towards demonetization besides the ways to tackle the problems coming from it.

On November 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shocked the country with his announcement of demonetizing the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. India since then has been grappled with a serious cash crunch with hundreds of people queuing up at banks and the limited number of ATMs countrywide even after one month after the decision on note bandi (note ban).

The Telangana Government is said to be implementing a series of measures to encourage digital transactions in the state. The measures are intended to make sure that financial transactions are made easier in the wake of the demonetization scheme besides increasing transparency across several government and private financial payments.

Meanwhile, Ibrahimpur located in Siddipet district became the first village in Telangana to completely go cashless. This, it could achieve by a combination of UPI, PoS machines, QR Code-based payment systems and Rupay cards, said KTR.

The people of Telangana would be eager to have the T-Wallet app downloaded on their smartphones. Its counterpart AP Purse app has already been successful and has made KCR to quickly do his part in planning to launch a similar app called the T-Wallet payment app for his state of Telangana.

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