Telangana teenage girl ends life over family issues in Dundigal

A 19-year old girl committed suicide at her home in Dundigal by hanging herself to death on Wednesday as she was depressed with family issues.

The deceased identified as K Sai Durga Mounika who was in engineering final year was extremely depressed with family problems and shared a post in her Whatsapp. Her family members claimed that she was depressed over family issues which forced her to take the extreme step.

Sai Durga Mounika wrote in her whatsapp status before hanging self that: “Nowadays, I am afraid to be happy. I don’t know y ppl dnt want to look at me ven I’m happy in ma life (sic). Every moment in my life is gng sooo worst (sic)”.

Sai Durga Mounika committed suicide after her mother scolded her over the excessive usage of smart phones and as she was spending most of the time on social media.



Sai Durga Mounika was staying in her uncle’s house along with her mother and brother under Dundigal police station in Suraram after her father Chandrashekar left them ten years ago.

On Wednesday afternoon Sai Durga Mounika and her mother went into argument over a gold chain and a ring. After that her mother and brother went out and as she was alone she hanged herself and died.

Her family members returned late in the evening and found her hanging from the ceiling. Even though they rushed her to the nearby hospital she was declared brought dead.

Her family members said that she was very sensitive even for silly matters and even threatened them that she will commit suicide over petty issues. On Wednesday as her mother questioned her about the gold chain and ring, she got offended and committed suicide.

Police said that they will recover her personal mobile phone and verify her social media posts. They will probe the case based on the evidence they obtain during their investigation.

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