Tropical Storm Nate surges towards New Orleans after killing 25

Having killed at least 25 people in Central America, Tropical Storm Nate is surging towards the US Gulf Coast on Friday forcing the Louisiana city of New Orleans to evacuate some of its residents living outside its levee protection system or in low-lying areas.

Tropical Storm Nate will hit the US central Gulf Coast on Saturday night or Sunday as a Category 1 hurricane, which is much weaker than Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

However, a state of emergency has been declared for New Orleans which is all set to take a direct hit from Tropical Storm Nate.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Nate will deliver heavy rain between 3 and 6 inches and at certain places, even 10 inches of rainfall to cause flash floods.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrie briefing on Tropical Storm Nate

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrie briefing on Tropical Storm Nate. Photo courtesy of The City of New Orleans.

Tropical Storm Nate will be packing strong winds around 90kmph which could result in power outages and the storm surges it could create could be anywhere between 1.8 to 2.7 meters to possibly submerge the city.

As of now, there are no mandatory evacuation orders for New Orleans residents. However, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrie advised the citizens to take shelter in place on Saturday and Sunday.

The Lakefront and in Venetian Isles, which are outside of New Orleans’ flood protection system are expected to be the most affected areas during the storm.

A statement from New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrie office on Tropical Storm Nate read: “At this time, there is no mandatory evacuation order for New Orleans. However, Mayor Landrieu strongly encourages residents who live outside the City’s levee protection system or in low-lying areas, like Venetian Isles, Irish Bayou and the Lakefront, to move to higher ground.

“Residents who live inside the levee system should prepare to take shelter with essential supplies including food, water, and medications.

“As always during Hurricane Season, residents are reminded to make a plan and to have at least three days’ worth of supplies, including water, food, and medications on hand.”

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