Trust me over early election decision: Theresa May tells public

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday appealed to the public to trust her decision to call for an early general election on June 8. She said the decision will give her a stronger hand in the complex Brexit negotiations.

The British MPs are preparing to vote on the motion in the House of Commons. It is being said that the move is expected to receive the two-thirds majority it requires for Theresa May to overturn the UK’s Fixed Term Parliaments Act. The latter would have seen election being held in 2020.

“I trust the British public. I am asking them to put their trust in me and if they do that, if they give me a mandate for these negotiations for the plan for Brexit that the Government has, the plan for a stronger Britain beyond Brexit that we have, then I think that will strengthen our hand,” 61-year-old Theresa May was quoted as saying in a PTI report.

Theresa May photo

Theresa May. Photo courtesy of Theresa May.

“I genuinely came to this decision reluctantly having looked at the circumstances and having looked ahead at the process of negotiation. I want this country to be able to play the strongest hand possible in those negotiations and be in a position to get the best possible deal. That is in our long- term interest. That is what this is about,” Theresa May further added.

The Prime Minister shocked the UK when she called for a snap poll in an announcement yesterday. Theresa May has come up with the idea in which her ruling Conservative party could win as many as 100 extra seats. This is being seen as a way of securing the best possible Brexit deal for the UK.

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